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The origin and development of golf
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Playing golf is a sport with a special charm. It is the people in the natural elegance of the natural green environment, exercise, strive to improve the skills of activities.

On the origin of the game of golf there are various different versions, one of the most widely circulated is an ancient Scottish shepherd grazing, occasionally with a stick to hit a boulder into the wild rabbit hole, get inspired, invention later known as the golf sport. Therefore, the "Golf" is the word first appeared in the fourteenth century documents in the Scottish Parliament.
Playing golf is the first to involve soldiers north coast of Scotland, then gradually attracted great interest and civil youth court and nobility, and ultimately become a traditional project in Scotland. Later incoming England. Nineteenth century reached the Americas, Australia and South Africa, the twentieth century spread to Asia. Since the earliest prevalent in golf court and nobility, plus golf course equipment is expensive, it is "noble sport," said.

Twentieth century, the game of golf was introduced into China. 1931, Shanghai set up a golf game center. In the same year, China, Britain, the United States and businessmen organized a golf club, golf course opened in Nanjing cemetery next to the stadium.

Into the eighties, the game of golf in China has been rapidly developing. 1985, China Golf Association was established in January 1986, China's first international golf tournament - "Zhongshan Cup" career amateur mixed Invitational, held in Zhongshan Hot Spring Golf Course. Later, an annual event. In recent years, golf has rapidly spread and developed in our country.

As a fashion or some kind of identity vaguely hinted, golf has gradually penetrated into our city life among and make a lot of people aspire to. "Golf", this is the English transliteration of golf. In English, golf term is from green (green), oxygen (oxygen), the sun (light) and friendship (friendship) This four-letter word that starts with the composition. A sport that can both above four attractive content, in advocating casual modern society, no wonder it has become the darling of the people. Most people understand this fascinating sport unfamiliar faces may also be in a stage where we would like to give a brief introduction.

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