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Golf etiquette - the basics
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The first chapter basic golf etiquette - you can not ignore the basic playing knowledge

Golf etiquette of golf as the most important part, is one of the characteristics different from other sports, so golf is also known as the "gentleman's game." No matter how you flaunt their skills, ball age, or show their expensive brand-name golf equipment and one line head, just look at your behavior on the pitch compliance golf etiquette, you will be able to distinguish a true golfer, still only took a cue ball on the floor playing with gestures of people. Through your field performance, one can observe whether you love the sport, understanding and respect for its tradition companion to play with, and then on your own upbringing and character make evaluations.

Golf is a highly concentrated energy needed player movement. Almost all players have experience, if someone beside joking, playing clubs beep, or walking around, you will be hard to concentrate on the swing or putt. The purpose of the development of the rules of golf etiquette is to standardize the players in the field of behavior, so that the players can respect each other and play together to fully enjoy the fun. Some of the rules and etiquette related is applicable to the general status of the entire stadium and practice areas, while others are for specific areas, such as tee, green and developed. This issue we will focus on the basic golf etiquette.

Attention to safety

Security in golf is so important that the rules and etiquette of golf will be at the forefront of its opening chapter. If the player and the rigidity of golf clubs do not have enough understanding of the stadium will become a dangerous place. So players should be highly valued, such as:
¡ñ Do not place the ball in front of someone or practice empty swing, hit the ball or because inadvertently playing stones
, Twigs and turf may hit others. Again this is impolite.

¡ñ Be careful not to swing when someone walked beside him, while not from the side walk when others swing
Keep quiet

The environment is very important to keep quiet golf course. Players need to concentrate when playing any ring are likely to affect the quality of batting. So when the court must Yadisangyin speech. Even if you do not mind the same group of players, you have to take care of other groups playing nearby guests' needs. Also avoid running on the pitch. Ran on the field will cause other players distracted and irritable, but also damage the turf. Therefore, when necessary, try to gently brisk walking.
Control play speed

Golfers want to enjoy the fun of playing golf, but who do not want a whole day spent in court. If a player between the two batting wait too long, they will become impatient, but will lose power hitting. So to everyone's benefit, do not delay in time to play. Below are a few suggestions to maintain an appropriate pace of play:
¡ñ Before batting practice swing only once each, and then immediately hit the ball. Remember: If you hit the ball every
120, each additional 30 seconds to do the exercises, then add up every ball you spend one hour.

¡ñ In turn before you hit the ball well prepared, do not wait until it's your turn to start thinking about which club to use,
Or decision is played directly facing the front of the water or a water hazard insurance hit the ball - the best time to take advantage of someone hitting mention
Before thoughtful.

¡ñ When toward the green, observe good next tee position, then the club placed (or golf cart parked)
On one side of the green from the tee closer to the next, after this play out the hole can avoid detours, saving
Strength without delays.

¡ñ Immediately in front of a group of players. When they leave the green, you should have good batting preparation. Without referral
Meaning behind a group will not catch up with you, as long as keep an appropriate distance and pace of play on the previous group

Do not let the ball hit the front of a group of players

Always remind myself to keep proper "play speed" will help you immediately before a group of players, and to ensure that does not affect the group behind to play. But immediately before a group at the same time must be careful not to hit the ball too close or even in front of the players. After the first set so be sure to leave all the players hit the ball a distance and then start playing.

Some players on the court when faced with slow play in front of people who would have been very impatient, which is understandable. If you wait too long, you can go over to remind the former group speed, but do not use them to hit the ball the way toward urging each other, this move is really dangerous, not any polite soar.

Requested in advance by

Forward the request in advance by a group of players are playing one of the most difficult to implement the most controversial situation easily. Difficult to implement because usually it is equal in front of a group they imply a delay of playing time, even if the facts can also cause other side of displeasure. So if you intend to request advance through, you should look for the right time, very politely raised. The following suggestions may wish to try:
¡ñ Before requesting first adopted, should be determined there is enough space in front. If you request more than
Before a group there is another group in play, then you will certainly be rejected.

¡ñ After obtaining permission should be thanked and complete the ball quickly. In case you hit a "bad shot" (through
Normally in this case players will feel the pressure, so it's possible to play mistake), it is best not to add to play
Another ball, in order to avoid resentment of others. Keep calm, you can continue to play by the rules.

¡ñ When you're among the former group and has been vacant for more than one hole, indicating slower you play, if you feel
Chase behind a group of very tight, there is likely to want to advance through, should take the initiative to ask and provide convenience. Most co-
The timing is appropriate when you reach the green, a group beckoned back to let them marked with a green stem. Strike
After the ball to the greens while they complete their gap you can putt. You can serve in the next hole after
District ask them first tee.

"Ready Golf" - let the players ready to hit

If not, enter a contest or other formal occasions, usually to play every shot, you can let the players ready to hit the ball between the same group of friends. In other words, even if the same group of a player's ball is not one of the farthest from the hole, as long as he (she) is well prepared to hit the ball, you can hit the ball first. The premise is the same group of players to reach a consensus in advance, indicating the field the ball will hit "Ready Golf", this fellow would not think you understand the rules, but it will also feel your gentleman.

Let the players ready to hit help accelerate the pace of play, but the same group must be determined before hitting everyone knows you're going to hit the ball, but you also know the location where other people at the time, because you do not want to let the ball hit the scene any person, of course you do not want to appear in the same group while golfers swing scene.

How to drive a golf cart

Players do not need a driver's license you can tee off in the stadium car, but the premise is that you must understand the basic knowledge of the field in the lane, and be able to do both at the same time driving will not damage the stadium turf, it will not offend other players.

Driving a motor car should remain constant speed ball, in order to avoid the larger issue due to the acceleration noise. Should always pay attention to the traffic around the golfer. Once someone is ready to hit the ball, you have to stop and wait for the ball after he hit the ball and then launch the car to continue driving.

Due to the situation in which the different seasons and the stadium, the ball will apply different golf cart driving rules, the most common, there are two:
¡ñ golf carts only on the lane - the rule applies to the ground than the marshy course, the purpose is to avoid the
Golf cart tires strife makes the fairway turf damage.

¡ñ 90-degree rule - the rule requires golf cart mainly in the lane to reach the falling ball point flush position after
Can turn a 90 degree angle, across the fairway directly to the next ball position. Players hitting the ball until after the original car
Road back open fairways continue moving forward. 90 degrees so that the implementation of the rules of both players drove to the next ball position, but also the most
Small extent damage fairway grass.

Must be borne in mind that in any court in any case, whether it is golf carts or hand cars are forbidden to open (push) on the greens and tee areas, otherwise will cause serious damage to the stadium, is inexcusable. Typically the court will have badges indicating golf cart driving and parking in the area, the players should be strictly complied with.

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