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Mastering the correct golf swing posture plays an important role
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This is a part of "benevolent see benevolence and the wise see wisdom" of the problem, the author and do not intend to lead our argument on this issue, as a long engaged in golf equipment research and those who sell, just want to depart from the perspective of the ball, and with the everyone to explore golf can provide some suggestions for lay importance of golf, golfers hope for you in the purchase of the ball when.
Friends have already started playing experience, proper golf swing posture more difficult to grasp one of the original
Reason is: Because swing around the body (horizontal) rotation, and arm you need down (vertical) movement, and to this horizontal and vertical movement of the ball at the moment to achieve a relatively coordinated with, to be able to strike a "strike." This movement is almost not used in ordinary daily life, it is rarely used even in other sports projects, need a lot of practice to make the body muscles to "remember" to live this sport, to be able to master. Measured with professional organizations, a full swing average time for three seconds, while the average time for batting moment: five ten thousandths of seconds! In other words: To coordinate direction in three seconds in the two completely different sports together, and must reach the "perfect combination" in 0.0005 seconds in, but in this moment you want to avoid any small mistakes.

Because of this difficulty golf swing posture, so that we ignore the importance of the ball, especially for just starting to learn to play golf, often playing good ball to blame for their own actions is not enough right! In fact, most of the golfers swing difficult to grasp the correct operation of the main reasons is because there is no use of the ball in line with their level!

As we all know, the brand manufacturers are basically in accordance with this division, "beginner, intermediate, advanced person" to launch its own product, its purpose is to facilitate everyone according to their current levels to choose their own ball with!

First, let's talk about why you want to use for beginners "beginner rod" mean? For a more extreme (kick-off wood) example: After the length of 45 inches, 8.5 degrees loft, shaft stiffness X, the total weight of 350 grams club, golf enthusiasts in general see this data, certainly will feel their own use No, not to mention a beginner. Any regular manufacturers on the market for beginners with the ball will generally follow this specification, the overall aspects of the club: light weight, swing weight is also lighter; head: the low center of gravity, large loft; Shaft: softer; either irons or woods, will basically take this design specifications.

Total weight and swing weight lighter, because beginners will not take into account the use of the body's rotation to drive the club, if too heavy make strenuous arm, causing beginner subconsciously use the power of his arm to swing the club, which can not learn to drive by turning the body swing the club right posture; clubhead low center of gravity and large loft design is to enable the beginner can easily hit the ball up, if you always grounder, then, easy to lose confidence and interest beginners. Flexible shaft is designed primarily to allow beginners to fully appreciate: Once coordinating body and arm reaches feeling "perfect combination" is to be referred to achieve evidence "perfect combination" when. When beginners occasionally hit a good shot, the general feeling of concrete will be: "What effort does not seem very easy to hit the ball very far."

With a foundation of golfers all know, when the basic right posture swing to drive while under the body by rotating the lever arm, due to head weight reasons, people will appreciate the shaft of toughness (soft and elastic bending), when good use of this soft and elastic bending hit the ball, it will produce a "what effort does not seem very easy to hit the ball very far feeling" is actually This may prove more correct your swing. Because beginners swing fast enough, if the shaft is relatively soft, this toughness will make the shaft feel more obvious.

For intermediate concerned, to choose their own club becomes even more important, because at this stage, because the swing posture has been basically fixed, and almost all intermediate level golfers swing posture will exist as such either the problem, if this time to go to correct posture is a very painful thing, PGA professional coach Gary Wiren once pointed out: to correct a wrong action, you need to repeat the correct new action more than 10,000 times. Which for most amateur golfers, it is almost impossible, I believe many people will have personal experience. In this case, the end result is the most effective method to improve the selection of a suitable overly swing of the club itself. For example: If the ball directional instability, you can select the "inertia around the head can rate" larger, or is able to generate more spin some of the club; for often hit the right hook people: the You can choose to turn off the club face angle type, or larger, or is the focus of the angle of the club head shorter landing distance ball; wanted to correct a left hook to improve driving distance, effective hit rate, adjusted ballistic level so request, you can choose to take the ball with targeted, more suited to their swing habits to effectively adjusted to achieve the purpose of improving achievement.

For professional players, the more attention to the ball, and presumably you remember, last year the Tiger "Woods" has publicly complained about the current use of the kick-off wood difficult to use, and the use of TITLEIST number one in a field of informal competitions wood, so NIKE company is extremely embarrassing. In other countries, the use of the club pros are basically "tailored", he (she) had the ball with, especially for very high performance requirements of the shaft.

In summary, starting from the beginning of school ball, golf swing on the right to master the correct posture plays an important role, if this time is not suitable for use with the ball, people tend to subconsciously adopt some incorrect remedy movements to hit the ball, which can not grasp the correct swing posture. As for the senior players, chosen for their own swing habits ball, can make up for their lack of action on quickly improve their performance, to fully enjoy the fun of the sport of golf. Of course, you should not have to assume that golfers ball is more important than the swing, thus ignoring the practice swing, swing the basics, the more solid basic skills, the more you can make full play of the ball power, to achieve more excellent results. Relations between the two are complementary.

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