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Almost knowledge - how to get and use almost
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Keen on golf, especially the amateur players have such a desire, is to be able at any stadium with different levels of golfers play together, assessed by, enjoy fair competition play fun. By USGA Handicap System to obtain accurate personal handicap index (Handicap Index) is the best way to meet this desire of the players.

USGA handicap index is issued by the Golf Club players can play the potential ability to measure the index of difficulty when playing basketball players in the standard, it is a reserved to one decimal numbers, can be used to accurately converted the stadium when the players play almost, OK let the players play score, and the player with the change in the level of play and constantly changing.

Players how to obtain and use the concept of handicap
1 join a golf club;
2 in accordance with the requirements of the Commission to obtain personal handicap USGA handicap index; before playing
3 to determine the date of the court playing handicap based on individual current handicap index;
4 to determine the day I should get to play almost let scores;
Decides almost allocation ratio should be used in accordance with the form of play or game; play process
6 on the scorecard note the play-by-hole score; after the end of play
7 adjusted total score playing handicap system in accordance with the rules;
8 Submit scorecard and enter the handicap system.

Join the club and get the USGA golf handicap index

Players in order to achieve a formal USGA handicap index, you first need to add a by the United States Golf Association (USGA) authorized Golf Association handicap system installed approved and strictly follow the rules of the USGA Handicap System Operation Golf Club.

What is a golf club? According to the definition of the United States Golf Association Golf Club is one with at least 10 members of the organization, the Commission shall be in accordance with the articles of association (including a Handicap Committee) management and operation, whose duties include the supervision and guidance activities for various golf membership for members provide golfers supervision (peer review) system, as well as to ensure real handicap index issued and integrity handicap system operation. There must be between members belong to a golf club proper, regular opportunities to play together or race. Members must submit himself to play individual achievements, and can be played at any time to see each other's scores between members. This may sound exaggerated, but in fact as long as they strictly follow the provisions relating to the establishment of USGA golf club, any player can form a golf club with his friends or colleagues (also called the team). Players once joined a strict implementation of the USGA Handicap System Rules of Golf Club, after he played at least five games to the system to submit valid results, you can create and achieve a personal handicap index.

Understand their USGA Handicap Index

Want to know every time you play at the time and his companions to get or how many rods make it? So you first need to understand their current USGA handicap index is. Handicap index is issued by the respective club or team to a reserved player to one decimal numbers, such as 11.6. This value reflects the potential of the players playing ability. The larger the value, the lower the potential to display players playing level. Men maximum USGA Handicap Index is 36.4 for women is 40.4.

How to calculate handicap index is out of it? First, based on the results of playing almost every differential (Handicap Differential), the specific formula is as follows:

Handicap differential (reserved to 10 minutes bits) = (total score after adjustment - USGA course difficulty value) X113 ¡Â USGA Slope difficulty value

For example, in a stadium you today from the blue tees play, score is 95, USGA course difficulty value of the tee is 71.5, USGA slope difficulty value is 125, then the playing handicap differential scores are calculated: (95- 71.5) x 113 ¡Â 125 = 21.2 (reserved to one decimal place)

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