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Different types of game almost distribution ratio
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In some game types, the need for the stadium was almost the same group of players allocated to avoid a participating party to make use of the rod and get some kind of almost an unfair advantage. Examples are as follows:

¡ö Four-Ball Match Play: This will be the two best ball match play at the lowest handicap groups player (player a) of almost zero set, the other three players in their course handicap are almost minus players a stadium was almost obtained difference.
¡ö Individual Stroke Play: All players are using their actual course handicap.
¡ö Individual Match Play: one lower court almost given its almost zero, the other taking the difference between the two sides of the stadium was almost as its entry handicap.
¡ö four-ball stroke play: This game is for two players to form a group, each playing his own ball, each hole to take the better of the two scores as the group that hole score. When the game player's handicap man whichever stadium almost 90% of women players take 95%. USGA regulations in such a game with two players handicap group difference should be limited to eight. If you prorate the difference after the still greater than 8 handicap, you will need two players handicap further reduced to 10%. Otherwise, almost one large difference between the same group of players will dominate the competition results, which the other party is not fair competition.
¡ö four best-ball stroke play: the game for a group of four, each playing his own ball, taking four of every hole the best results. Men participating players almost whichever stadium almost 80% of women players take 90%.

In organizing the game a long time, such as several weeks of competition, the decision depends on the participating players stadium handicap race committee. USGA recommends that allows players to use on race day handicap index.

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