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Elevated levels lower score is not equal
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Have you noticed on the golf course scorecards in addition dong each hole, tee distance yardage, par, and usually let the rod hole handicap value (Handicap Strokes), which is composed of 1-18 digital irregularly distributed in 18 holes, many people believe that these values ​​represent holes arranged in order from easy to difficult, and it is not. Value represents almost let the rod in round play in the most high-handicap players need to get the order to let the rod hole from the low handicap players place, in other words, almost let the rod is a hole, usually high and low handicap players handicap players play a larger difference scores, high handicap players most likely need to let the rod hole, on the contrary, almost to the rod hole 18 value represents the final round of the high handicap players need to let the rod hole. As the USGA Handicap System manual mentioned in "The players played in a hole par scores measure the degree of difficulty is not an effective indicator of the hole if the players need to let the rod in."

Correct and reasonable allocation of the hole almost let the rod values ​​handicap race, especially for a handicap match play fairly decide the outcome of the players played a very important role. In match play shown in the scorecard example, participating players A Course Handicap of 13, players B course handicap of 20, when there are handicap match play between the two were, Player B can be obtained from the player at A 7 rod let rod, which means that almost let the lever value of seven holes 1-7, the players get a B each hole so that the lever (marked with an asterisk). In almost let the rod is 3 second hole, although both sides have played six, because of the players in the hole B let get a pole, he was in the hole net score is 5, so the first two holes player B wins . In almost let the rod is 4 18th hole, Player A score of 4, Player B played 5, Player B get a hole in it so that the rod, the net result is four, so the two sides play the 18th hole level.

The 18-hole golf course and almost let the lever value allocation method usually has two: one is determined by the club handicap committee, the other is determined according to the different levels of the players on the pitch of play score.

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